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Phoenix x The Brat Pack

Think less but see it grow
Like a ride like a ride oh!
Not easily offended
Know how to let it go
From the mess to the masses

Rome – Phoenix

Wow! What can I say? A formidable track from my favourite contemporary pop band. Je m’appelle Nathan. Je t’aime Phoenix.

Rome is featured on the latest album release “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” and is a very nice progression from ‘It’s Never Been Like That’. The new sound is due to Philippe Zdar’s (of Cassius) influence on the latest project. There is an obvious Cassiusing to much of the music on the album. It appears as though the fun and hip ‘Lisztomania’ (already getting radio airplay) will be the lead single but ‘Rome’ is the standout track.

The song seems to be rekindling a common Phoenix theme – difficult love. Again, they give us no answer. But given the positive vibe of the overall sound, we can expect a happy ending. The song is an epic journey with multiple peaks and valleys that continuously roll over until an eventual calm and nice little record player effect.

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is released on May 25. Until then you can listen to ‘Rome’ and a few othersĀ here.