DIY: Tim Tam Dunk

You’ll need:

  • A Tim Tam (or as many as you wish)
  • A hot beverage of your choice (Elisa recommends: peppermint tea.)

Step 1: Grab a Tim Tam.


Step 2: Bite small holes to the opposite ends of the biscuit. (The smaller the better!)


Step 3: Dip the Tim Tam in your drink and use it as a straw. (Quick, quick!)


Step 4: Stuff the biscuit in your mouth. (Be quick, you don’t want it to melt all over your fingers!)


Step 5: Enjoy the warm chocolate goodness. (BLISS.)


Thank you Iida for being such a cutie and showing us how to dunk a Tim Tam!


One response to “DIY: Tim Tam Dunk

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